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Generate Safety - Education Program

“Generate Safety”
Kid’s Educational Program

Classroom of highschool age kids

Teaching students about the importance of portable generator safety.

Portable generator safety isn’t just for grown-ups. In fact, teaching kids about portable generator safety NOW has immediate benefits … and long-term benefits, too.

First, they’ll learn how to recognize proper vs. improper portable generator handling and signs of CO poisoning, equipping them to protect themselves from danger. This education also creates safe habits they will carry into adulthood, creating the next generation of SAFE portable generator users.

Plus, once they’re educated on safe portable generator practices, they’ll be sure to remind mom and dad! Safety is a family matter, so let’s start informing them now.

We’ve created a full curriculum of teaching materials, in age-appropriate language aimed at two kid audiences: elementary schoolers in K-6th grade and middle- and high-schoolers in 7th-12th grade.